The Pearson Pregnancy

Conceived Dec 3, 1997
Due August 27, 1998
Labor August 29-31
Born August 31, 1998

I think pregnancy is the most exciting and worrisome time in any woman's life. It's exciting to think about a tiny baby growing and developing inside your body. It's exciting to dream of all the things we want to get for and do with our child once s/he is born. And it's exciting to see how your own body changes shape in so many ways throughout the pregnancy. You start looking forward to the next stage--when will I hear the heart beat? When will the baby start kicking? Toward the end of pregnancy, you're just filled with excitement about what the baby will look like too!

On the flip side, of course, is the worry. Will I miscarry (especially since I already did once before)? Will the baby be healthy? Am I going to be confined to bed later on? And the worries aren't limited to the pregnancy itself. Even in the first couple months of pregnancy you start to realize what an incredible responsibility this little life is and will be after birth. Will I be able to care for this child properly? What kind of parent will I be?

At least, this has been my experience. I think my hormones contribute wondrously to my wildly veering emotions. But Joe and I have looked forward to the day when we could hold our firstborn child in our arms and gaze upon the miracle of life...

That day finally arrived on August 31, 1998 (Mom's 26th birthday) when Rebekah Marie Pearson was born. Her entrance into the world is a great expression of her stubborn and persistent personality...after a long labor when Mom had tried everything to move the baby from a posterior position to anterior position, Rebekah remained in the same position and had to be born by Cesarian section...not at all what was wanted or expected, but we're happy to have a very healthy baby girl. Rebekah weighed in at 7 lbs, 5 oz, at birth and was 20 inches long. Her apgars were 7 and 9. Mom, Dad, and Rebekah are doing great!