Read through the Bible in a Year


Reading the Bible should be a daily habit for every believer. The Bible is like an instruction manual for life, a collection of love letters from the One Who loves you more than anyone on earth can, a lesson book from history, a romance and adventure novel... So many ways to look at this magnificent book!

I am no longer updating the pages of my Bible reading site because there are other awesome Bible reading websites and apps available. I am currently using the YouVersion Bible App, and I can also recommend reading plans on Bible Gateway.

Both resources have many plans to choose from - some are devotional in nature, while others do indeed focus on reading the Bible through in a year. Find one you enjoy, and dive into this incredible gift God has given us - the Book in which He reveals His heart, His love, and His plan to the entire world.

Of course, if you really love this plan and want to follow it, I will continue to make it available. Choose the month, and you will find all the readings listed.