Marriage Advice We've Received

Advice from the Shower

One of the activities at my bridal shower was for everyone to write down some marriage advice for me. This is the advice I received.

First and foremost keep God in your home, secondly plenty of laughter.

Talk to one another before you go to bed.

Love, trust, and above all communicate with each other and God.

If conflicts - when conflicts - arise, give each other space; but never go to bed without touching hearts even if discussion of the conflict has to wait until later.

Always be kind and thoughtful. Make him think your ideas were his ideas.

[Have] love and compassion for each other and consideration.

In order to strive for a successful marriage, you should, above all, love the Lord and consult Him in all you do, you should always communicate and not let conflicts fester or linger, and treat each other with kindness and consideration, even when it seems to be Mission: Impossible!

Have respect for each other.

Love and trust in one another with faith in God will get you through.

Just be yourself!

Dewdrops of Romantic Wisdom

This is advice received from Sharon Conway.

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Additional Advice

"Submission doesn't mean you lose your identity. Nor does it mean you change your beliefs - You may be right." -Bill Rowley

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