Pregnant Again

After having our first baby in August, 1998, we were sure we wanted our children to be relatively close together in age.  As we sat in front of our fireplace in February, we decided our family was definitely too small - we needed at least one more kid.  And so the adventure began anew.

We weren't sure we wanted to get caught up in the whole "Millenium Baby" idea.  The idea of testing out all the Y2K bugs in a hospital did not sound appealing.  But when it came down to the wire, we figured it's in God's hands.  "Jacob" was conceived on April 23, 1999.

On May 9, after suspecting a pregnancy for a couple of days, we decided it was time to take a test and confirm it.  Sure enough, two lines showed up, indicating that just 8 months after having our first baby, we were pregnant again.  Rebekah will soon be a big sister!  Jacob's grand appearance will be sometime around January 15, 2000! (It was January 14)