The Pearson Family

This Web site was created as a place you could visit to find out the latest about what the Pearson family is up to. The following is a list of the cast of characters:

Karen "Mom" Pearson

Home City Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation Jr. High Math/Science Teacher
Taipei American School
Family Jon, Holli, Joe, Mary, Josh, Adina, Gloria, Rosie, Jeremy, Kathy
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Jonothan "Shiloka" Pearson

Home City Taos, New Mexico
Occupation Fine Artist, Alchemist, Organic Farmer
Family Aurora
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Holli "Hannah" Ranck

Home City Lexington, KY
Occupation Web Site Consultant & Homeschool Teacher
Spouse Michael
Family Christopher, Mary, Sarah, Andrew, Felicia, Hope Grace, Josiah, Harmony Joy
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Joe Pearson

Home City Kennesaw, Georgia
Occupation Application Architect
Web site associated with a national cable channel
Spouse Jenn
Family Rebekah, Jacob, Rachel, Rose and Ruby
Web site Personal

Mary Hatch

Home City Spring Hill, Tennessee
Occupation Session Singer & Music Instructor & Homeschool Teacher
Spouse Theron
Family Kate, Anna
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Josh Pearson

Home City Killeen, Texas
Occupation Sergeant, U.S. Army
Spouse Jana
Family Caleb, Christian
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Adina Jones

Home City Fresno, California
Occupation Homemaker
Spouse DJ
10th Grade Geometry
Family Joshua, Deborah, Rachel,
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Gloria Pfeiffer

Home City Hurst, Texas
Spouse Andy

Rosie Girardi

Home City Kennesaw, Georgia
Occupation Customer Service
Owens & Minor
Spouse Antonio Mario
Web site: BosiCreative  

Jeremy Pearson

Home City Kennesaw, Georgia
Occupation Picker
Owens & Minor
Web site Bremy

Kathy Pearson

Home City Fresno, California
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